John Cena on “The Howard Stern Show” talking about the time that he had sex with a 280lb woman on a dare:

Stern: Would you ever do a fat chick?

Cena: Absolutely. Believe it or not, uh, there was an instance no too long ago where I hit the 280 mark.

Stern: You—you banged a chick—wait a second. Let me get this. International wrestling superstar, John Cena, took home a 280lb chick?

Cena: She took me home. I didn’t take her home.

Stern: And were you attracted to her?

Cena: Absolutely, and the experience was great.

Stern: Did she have a nice face?

Cena: Uh.. she had a nice smile.

Stern: Why did you do that? I don’t understand.

Cena: Well at first it was kind of a challenge set out to me by the entire roster. It was the thing where, “You won’t do it, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Stern: So she approached you and said, “Listen, would you come back with me?”

Cena: There was just like a moment. I’m pretty polite and respectful to everybody, so there was that moment and then she walks away, then the boys start getting on you like, “Ahh, you won’t do it.” And it wasn’t like okay I’ll do it (with my tail between my legs going over there). I said not only will I do it, but I’ll enjoy it. And I did. It was a great night.

Stern: And what was great about it? When a girl—a 280lb girl takes her clothes off.. that’s a shockaroo.

Cena: Howard.. lights on, everything good. No, no lights off. No “this has to be done, I’m gettin’ outta here.” Lights on. It was a great experience.

Stern: So you saw the fat? You saw the jiggling?

Cena: I saw a whole lot of woman.

Stern: She blew you?

Cena: Absolutely.

Stern: And I bet it was good ‘cause she was grateful.

Cena: It was great. It was great.

Stern: And then you entered her?

Cena: Yeah, indeed.

Stern: And did you have to pull up the flaps of skin to get to the vagina?

Cena: It was, uh, you—you gotta—you gotta know your way around. Yeah.

Stern: You’re a real man.

[Note: Youtube took the video down, so here’s the audio link: (X)

It starts around the 7 minute mark.]

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