On Seeing Action Comics Number 1
  • Punk: Because 15 year old me saw it.....and he just said "You need to buy that. It's right there."
  • Matt: But then current you was like "You just got married seven weeks ago..."
  • *laughter*
  • Punk: Yeah! Plus I took a picture and sent it to my wife and......y'know.....
  • *laughter*
  • Jonah: You just send her the picture and she responds with "No!"
  • Matt: She just responds with a picture of a chastity belt!
  • *laughter*
  • Punk: I can't remember what she actually said, but it was fucking hilarious.

"It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done." - CM Punk about marrying AJ Lee

“Don’t let these tattoos fool you. I’m straight edge. I’m a man of great discipline; I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs… my addiction is wrestling

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CM Punk on MMA Hour 28th July, 2014 (Audio)

*head to around 2 hours 5 mins for Punk’s appearance!

AJ Lee+: 
↪ CM Punk;

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AJPunk and the need to play with their ring.

What’s been going on in the past six months? Boom. That’s right. Off the market.